The TEAP III TERSP Standard Training Program covers the history of the program, the key components of the TEAP III Transportation Emergency Response Service Provider Standard, and provides an overview of a number of other supporting documents. This training is required for anyone participating in the assessment process.

TEAP III Standard Training eLearning

As of February 2020, the TEAP III TERSP Standard Training is now offered exclusively online through WorkHub. The eLearning course contains seven interactive modules, including a quiz following each module. Upon completion of the TEAP III TERSP Standard Training eLearning course, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Who Should Attend

Completing the TEAP III Standard Training is required for anyone participating in an assessment, observing during an assessment, and for all TEAP III Committee Members.

TERSP Location Leaders, Location Leader Alternate Contact, Assessment Team Leaders, and Assessors will complete the training course every 2 years.

TEAP III Committee members and TERSP personnel that will be observing or participating in the assessment and annual update are required complete the training at least once.

CIAC member-company representatives, and Transport Canada inspectors or remedial-measures specialists are also invited to attend.

Accessing the Course

The online TEAP III TERSP Standard Training course is free of charge.  However, to gain access please contact Kristina Adler, Transportation Policy and Program Officer, who can provide you with the necessary access details and timelines for completion.   

Need More Information?

Contact Kristina Adler at the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada, at 613-237-6215 ext. 256.